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At Arrow Air conditioning we place a high value on the necessity for regular service and maintenance of your domestic or commercial air conditioning systems. We aim to provide you with the best quality of air possible in your home or place of business. You may not even know the state of your system, just because it turns on doesn’t mean it is providing the comfort and efficiency you could be experiencing.

We place a large emphasis on preventative maintenance and as such, strive to keep your system operating to at its maximum efficiency all year round. We understand that a poorly maintained system can end up equating to some very large repair bills down the track, which in many instances could be avoided.

Allow us to increase the life expectancy of your system and keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. By conducting regular preventative maintenance on your system, we could be saving you thousands of dollars on parts and running costs related to your air conditioning system.

Our qualified technicians will check and clean your filter condition, check over your ductwork and system operation, clear out your drainage system to prevent water leaks, check for loose electrical connections, check operating temperatures, check gas levels, and inspect the indoor and outdoor coils, cleaning these as necessary.

Contact us to have a look at you system to determine what servicing is required. If you’re likely to forget having your air conditioning serviced, call us to setup a regular servicing schedule for your system. Let us remember that you need a service, and take away just another thing for you to remember.