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Arrow Air Conditioning specialises in the preventative maintenance and fast breakdown service throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area. We are Arctick Certified, fully licenced and hold relevant insurances.

Why do I need Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance is customised to provide your home or business with an air conditioning system that operates peak efficiency, prevents utility overpayment, and averts system failures through predictive maintenance that can help extend the life of your air-conditioner.

Preventative Maintenance ensures your air conditioning system has scheduled inspections and servicing to optimise heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning function.

Preventative Maintenance services are scheduled according to the assessment results from either a site visit from our Service Manager or one of our service and maintenance technicians.

What should you expect from Preventative Maintenance?

Arrow Air Conditioning qualified technical service team will thoroughly inspect the following during their visit to your home or business:

  • Check system functions, safety controls and adjust the operating sequence where necessary.
  • Inspect electrical components and connections as well as repairing/replacing or tightening as required.
  • Ensure proper airflow
  • Inspect pumps, lubricate and check flow rates where necessary.
  • Test, clean and lubricate motors as required.
  • Check refrigerant levels and leak test, if necessary.
  • Checking all bearings for correct operation and lubrication, as necessary.
  • Checking and adjusting (where necessary) belt tension and alignment.
  • Checking all anti-vibration supports for deterioration and freedom of assembly movement.
  • Flush drains to prevent water leaks, ceiling damage etc.
  • Test operation of all test and control switches, contractors and relays.
  • Record ambient and room temperatures.
  • Report on and quote to rectify any defects requiring attention.
  • Inspect/Clean all filters (Washable)

Customers are able to choose from a monthly, quarterly or yearly Preventative Maintenance schedules to ensure their air conditioner continues performing at its optimal level.

We keep information such make, model, and serial numbers for all air conditioning units we install so breakdowns, quotations, repairs or replacements can be completed with a minimum of down time and less inconvenience for you.

Once a Preventative Maintenance plan is in place all the details are securely stored in our database which will tell alert us as to when your next maintenance is due. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient date and time. Just leave all the planning to us so you can concentrate on more important things.