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Arrow Air Conditioning specialise in the design and installation of split and ducted air conditioning systems for residential premises.

Getting the right air conditioning is vital when building or upgrading your home. With the ever-increasing temperatures in Sydney and the surrounding areas each year, keeping cool and comfortable when things start to heat up is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Our skilled technicians always remain focused on providing fast, quality service to our valued customers, and we guarantee your satisfaction each time we visit your home. Whether you need assistance with a ducted or split system air conditioner, we are ready to help.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are popular in Sydney and surrounding suburbs because they efficiently cool the entire home to your specifications. The ductwork that runs through the walls and ceiling of your home carries and distributes cooled air from a central unit, which means that you can feel comfortable in all rooms at any given time. 

Split System Air Conditioning

An alternative to a ducted system is a split system unit. This type of air conditioning system is designed to cool a single room to a comfortable temperature. It features one outdoor unit that works in conjunction with an indoor unit. 

The indoor unit is often wall-mounted in the room that will be cooled, and it includes a cooling coil, air filtration, and a fan. The exterior unit features an expansion coil, a condenser coil, and a compressor. The interior and exterior units work together through suction and refrigerant tubing, a condensation drain, and electrical power.