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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning is the best way to control the Temperature & Humidity in a home or office where there are multiple rooms that all need air-conditioning. Compared to the Split systems it is also has the least impact on space within the rooms of a building and the most appealing aesthetically.
Ducted Air Conditioning systems have the following functioning units:

  1. The outdoor unit is called the compressor or condenser and is located outside your home and channels the heat out. The condenser is usually mounted on a concrete slab or on brackets on an external wall of the house.
  2. The indoor fan coil unit is installed inside your home, either in the ceiling or underfloor space that cools or heats the air that is then pumped throughout the home. This fan coil can be adjusted to control the air being circulate both for temperature and flow.
  3. Air Vents or Diffusers in each room, these can be in the floor, walls but mostly in the ceiling. Ducting connects the fan coil unit to these air vents to transport the flow of climate controlled air.
  4. A Return Air Vent is centrally located to draw the air that has been circulated through out the building to be re condition the air to the temperature that has been selected.
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