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ESP Platinum Plus

ESP Platinum Series is the most advanced
residential ducted air conditioning system
ever built in Australia.

ESP Ultima video

  • Ideal for those who appreciate high levels of comfort coupled with low running costs.
  • Save up to 75% on running costs versus conventional fixed speed technology.
  • Reverse cycle ducted system with Tru-Inverter™ technology for year round comfort.
  • ESP Platinum Plus can be configured to suit most lifestyles with up to eight zones.
  • Energy Smart Zoning feature - with minimal zone operation to save energy.
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Energy Smart Zoning for better efficiency & enhanced comfort levels

ESP Platinum is up to 75% more efficient than other technology

Energy Smart Zoning

Testing and energy modelling have shown that the ESP Platinum Plus can save up to 75 percent electricity compared to conventional fixed speed systems and up to 50 percent compared to conventional inverter systems on the market. That equates to a savings of up to $900 on electricity to cool your home each year.

Energy Smart Zoning uses Variable Fan Technology to automatically

adjust airflow

Variable Fan Technology

Energy Smart Zoning incorporates Variable Fan Technology to automatically adjust airflow. It is so intelligent that it can even allow you to run your air conditioning down to only one zone.

Ideal for those hot summer nights when you only want to keep your bedroom cool without wasting energy air conditioning the rest of the house. Indoor sound levels are also reduced.

Energy Smart Performance™ (ESP) with Tru-Inverter™ Technology

Energy Smart Performance
This feature delivers just the right amount of heating and cooling to better match your comfort requirements whilst minimising power usage.

Latest generation Inverter technology automatically adjusts its capacity between 20 to 100 percent.

Powerful Tru-Max™ Technology

Maximum heating and cooling capacity sustained for as long as required through Tru-Max™.
Other Conventional Inverters can only sustain ‘Turbo-mode’ for a limited period.

Better temperature stability versus conventional technology

Better Temperature Stability
Large temperature fluctuations are minimised with superior temperature stability of ±0.3°C at the sensor location.

Faster heating and cooling when you need it most

Fastest heating and cooling

Tru-Inverter step-less technology reaches maximum capacity up to 5 times faster than conventional inverter technology.

Superior Operating Range versus conventional inverters

Superior Operating Range

Engineered to operate in conditions up to 50°C for cooling, to -15°C for heating.

Powerful Cooling

Powerful Cooling when you need it most.

Quieter Operation with Sound Reduction System

Latest generation inveter technology delivers superior comfort levels with the lowest running costs.

  • Sound Reduction System (SRS).
  • Improved outdoor sound quality versus fixed speed technology.
  • Energy Smart Zoning reduces indoor sound levels as airflow is reduced.

Minimises cool drafts in Winter

Smart defrost function reduces cold drafts during start up in Winter

Slimline Master Controller with integrated touch pad

8-zone Controller

  • Easy to use 8-zone integrated touch pad
  • Slimline design to suit most interiors
  • Auto/Heat/Cool changeover
  • On board temperature sensor
  • 0.5ºC temperature increments for more
    precise control
  • 3 speed fan and ESP mode
  • Fan only operation
  • 7 day programmable timer
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • Filter clean reminder
  • Cool white backlight
  • Compatible with home automation for
    remote on/off control
  • Optional secondary temperature sensor
  • Optimal secondary controller with
    mimic logic

ActronConnect can wirelessly control your air conditioner
when you are home or away

You can use a Smart Phone, PC or an iOS device such as a Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod
with a supported web browser to control your ActronAir ducted air conditioner.

The ActronConnect module is sold separately.

Available mid December 2013.

Note: iPhone not included.